An American Couple in Delft
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Schiphol Men's Room

About six months ago, Lynn and I were at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam going somewhere when I found it necessary use the menís room. Hang on, please, as this is really not a kinky story. I went in and saw that the walls were an enormous photograph, two actually, of streets in Delft right next to our house. One was around the corner about a block away and the other was from the tower of the Nieuwe Kerk, about a block in the other direction. Two other guys in the menís room were looking at me funny wondering why I was staring at the walls.

When I returned at a later date camera in hand, I couldnít find it. Asking the people at the information desks and even custodial help provided no answers and even raised some eyebrows as to the questionable sanity of the person asking the question. So I wrote to Schiphol and they sent me a map whereupon it was easy to find.

I have included here photos of the menís room walls and photos from the same places that I took myself. If you pay very close attention to the ones in the menís room, youíll see room numbers or something on the wall. When they put the picture from the church tower on the wall, they did it backwards so I corrected that in my version to show you.

See pictures of the Schiphol Men's Room.


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