An American Couple in Delft
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The Initial Dispatch

Greetings, all, from Den Haag!

We’ve been doing some racin’ and chasin’ and it was a little difficult getting my internet connection to work because of some firewall problems (the landlord let me use his PC for a little while) but here we are.

There is much to write about and I will write about it, but that will be later as we are still settling in and trying to organize. Like getting the mustard. Oh, yeah, we don’t have any. And we have no cash and the food store doesn’t take credit cards or American debit cards. And we are now officially illiterate because we can neither read nor write the language. We can’t speak it either but most people speak English which is a good thing. Trying to sound out Dutch words phonetically is all but impossible. As an example, say out loud the name of the neighborhood we temporarily live in, Scheveningen. Take a stab at it. You’re wrong. It looks pronounceable to the American eye but it isn’t. There are sounds not used in English and although I’ve had several Dutch folks say it for me, I still don’t have it down.

Expect more later. If you don’t want more, let me know and I’ll remove you from the distribution and I promise I won’t be insulted or spread nasty rumors about you.



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