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Blizzard of 07

Somewhere Hans Brinker is smiling; after more than two years here in the Netherlands, we had a blizzard. Someone told Lynn that people on the radio were advising everyone to stay at home and not to go anywhere. They said to expect 10 to 15 which is pretty big. In inches. But this was in centimeters so itís more like four to six which isnít a monster snowstorm but can be a royal pain.

Soon it began to snow with big, thick flakes, so heavy that one could barely see in front of his face. It was beautiful. It lasted about 30 minutes. For a long time Iíve wanted to take pictures of Delft in the snow but on the three or four occasions weíve seen snow, it was always gone by noon or certainly by dayís end. So off I went.

We heard that there were places in the rest of the country that really did get significant snow. Here it barely amounted to an inch or so but it actually lasted overnight. At this point I was going to write that blizzard may still be the right word because it depends on what your definition of blizzard is so I looked it up:

          a. a storm with dry, driving snow, strong winds, and intense cold.
          b. a heavy and prolonged snowstorm covering a wide area

There were no strong winds, the snow wasnít driving, and the cold wasnít intense. It also wasnít prolonged or very heavy. Maybe it wasnít actually a blizzard that we got but Iíll take it. Itís better than the gray, gloomy clouds!

See all my pictures of the Blizzard of 07.


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