An American Couple in Delft
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On the Road Again - Part 1

A famous Philadelphian, the patron saint of the University of Pennsylvania, the guy without whom the Internet wouldnít work because he was the one who discovered electricity, Benjamin Franklin, once said, "Fish and visitors stink after three days." That may generally be true but we had a visitor recently who was the exception to this rule. The visitor was our son Bruce who stayed for 11 days and he still didnít stink. Lynn and I were thrilled to have him for that long.

Bruceís visit got off to an inauspicious start. His plane was three hours late getting in. The train ride to Schiphol Airport to get him is about 40 minutes from Delft. Itís usually 40 minutes back, too, but this day it was two and a half hours. Weíre having bad train karma recently. There was no particular reason that was evident but trains just kept being annulled. Somehow we made it home. His body clock was way out of whack having left Los Angeles four days before, spending three days or so in the east with his girlfriend Corey for a wedding, and then coming here. Adrenalin kept him awake for a bit but when he finally sunk, he sunk like a rock.

During his first few days here, we took a few day trips. The three of us went to Amsterdam for a day. He liked the Van Gogh museum very much and was blown away by the Anne Frank House. Iíve been to the Anne Frank House three times now, and itís always very moving. When reading the history of the time, one might try to imagine what it was like being in those rooms, looking out that window and seeing the streets below. When there, that IS the window. Those ARE rooms. Thereís nothing to imagine. This place is called a museum but itís not; itís the real thing. Otto Frank had a business in the front. The "annex" was in the back. What separated the main house from the annex was a bookcase that was secretly hinged to the wall. Seeing that bookcase is breathtaking to me. Perhaps youíve seen a picture of it. If not you can go here where there is a picture of that bookcase and the whole story of the Anne Frank House. This was the first thing we visited in Amsterdam when we initially got here and itís a "must see." It costs Ä7.50 to get in and itís well worth it. The lines can be monstrously long, so go early. It can take almost an hour to walk through.

We went to Den Haag and also the Scheveningen beach for a day. Who remembers how to pronounce that? In case you missed it, there was a piece a while back about doing just that. We have since learned that during WWII, that name was used as a password to get into some places because the Dutch could thereby identify Germans who somehow are incapable of making that sound. My experience has been that there are a whole lot of sounds here that a whole lot of people are incapable of making, for instance "Hugo Grotius." Hugo was a judge here in the 17th century and heís the guy who used natural law as a premise for international law. I use the Anglo form of his name because thatís whatís on his statue. My fellow Americans (and other readers of this piece), please believe me when I tell you that the chances are virtually nil that you can pronounce "Hugo Grotius" correctly.

Bruce and I went for a day to Brussels without Lynn who expected to take the day off but had an emergency at work she had to attend to. We took the car to Brussels and drove through a town called Asse. Bruce wanted a picture of the sign saying we were entering Asse. Across the street there was a sign saying people in that direction were leaving Asse. The signs indicating "leaving" are the town name with a line through it. One could interpret that as No Asse. Be that as it may, we continued on to Brussels.

Our day in Brussels wasnít going to be very long so we went to the area of the Hotel de Ville in the GrandíPlace. This name, GrandíPlace is an accurate description; the place is spectacular to look at in its ornateness. Is that a word? The name Hotel de Ville is not unique. There are several in Europe that I know of and Lynn and I have even been to two, one in Brussels, and one in Paris. They are not hotels but rather are, or were, municipal buildings. The one in Brussels is a rectangle like a middle-age mansion with detailed carvings on every surface. Itís an amazing sight. Each side of the GrandíPlace is spectacular in its own way. This website has a nice picture of Hotel De Ville at night

This one has a less wonderful picture of the same thing but it has a slideshow where you can see other sides of the GrandíPlace, the nearby Manneken Pis (look closely and youíll see why heís called that Ė youíre not imagining what you think you see), and the Palais Royal where the famous Albert II, King of Belgium lives.

This last one has a lot of the same pictures I took. Start from "Pictures Ė Brussels" and go down. He has a great picture of Rue des Bouchers which is an area of at least a zillion outdoor restaurants. They work like the hookers in Amsterdam in that thereís someone standing in front of each one trying to get you to come in to separate you from your money. Two pictures below that one, there is a picture of the Hotel de Ville from a distance. Third from the bottom is another shot of Manneken Pis.

On the fifth day of Bruceís visit, he and I took off for a few days collecting countries. More about that in the next installment arriving soon.

See my pictures of Brussels.


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