An American Couple in Delft
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Christmas season in Delft
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People sometimes ask us what it's like to live here in Delft. That's not an easy question to answer but the best answer I can give is very short. Delft is perfect. I find that I can describe it accurately but not adequately. People come to visit and tell us it's just what we said but they didn't "get it." It feels like a movie set sometimes. My son Bruce calls it "Disneyland without the Disney" which is the best description I've yet heard. Here in central Delft there is very little automobile traffic so although houses are small and close together, it doesn't have a feeling of being crammed in because there is almost no space required for cars. The lack of a car is not a handicap, either, because everything is so close. Within a block of our home there are several groceries, a dry cleaner, a pharmacy, a couple book stores, several hair salons, lots of restaurants, a movie theater, a flower store, a shoe shop, and most important of all, a chocolate shop. I hope these pictures give you an idea.

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